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Nu World LED Light Panel Direct is a custom built light fixture developed by the Nu World team. This solution was incorporated into our offering to bridge the gap between our framed and frameless LED Panels. If you want a powerful product that is sleek and elegant at the same time the Nu World LED Panel Direct wins hands down every time.

Nu World Custom manufactures this product in virtually any shape or size configuration and because the panels can be linked together massive surface areas can be illuminated.

If it is custom shapes you are after Nu World can build anything from elliptical to trilateral or simple circular shapes. We are also able to populate the circuit board with as many LEDs as required.

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  • Limitless custom shapes and sizes available by linking panels
  • Populate circuit board with as many LEDs as is required
  • High quality LEDs used – Custom LEDs can be used if the project requires a specific brand
  • 40000hrs to 50000hrs estimated lifespan
  • No UV and virtually no heat (perfect for light and heat sensitive exhibits and displays)
  • PCB with LEDs only 3mm thick ( total thickness with connectors 15mm)
  • Modular standard panels available for simple projects
  • Extremely light weight

Typical Applications:

  • Illuminated wall pieces – Onyx, Corian , Art Glass , Recycled glass
  • Backlit countertops
  • Illuminated Backsplash
  • Backlit Fine art images
  • Illuminated stained glass backlit
  • Jewellery and display case illumination
  • Museum Display case Lighting
  • Bar Shelf illumination
  • Lighted floor tiles
  • Custom Shaped letters for signage
  • Replacement for Fluorescent in Sign Boxes


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  • Vancouver, BC, V6C1Z7
  • Canada