What We Do For Your Ideas & Designs

Nu World has worked closely with many architects, designers, business owners and private individuals to bring their creative illuminations to life.

From answering all your questions to making suggestions and providing different lighting options, Nu World will achieve the intended results that you want. We can also provide insight and suggestions for the following:

  • Environmental Design
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Project Specifications
  • Luminaire Design

Among the lighting concepts that we have created in collaboration with our clients:

Interior Illumination:

  • Backlit Onyx etc
  • Translucent Concrete- LUCCON, LiTraCon, LUCEM
  • Translucent Wood - LUMINOSO
  • Solid Surface- Corian, Avonite
  • Backlit Glass- Glass2
  • Illuminated ceiling panels
  • Illuminated Backsplash


Location Specific Lighting:

  • Soffit
  • Cove
  • Under Cabinet
  • Display
  • Kick Plate
  • Wine Cellar (no UV or IR)
  • Museum Display Lighting (no UV or IR)
  • Step Tread & Riser
  • Yacht Interior Accent Lighting

Exterior Lighting Applications:

  • Decks

All of the materials we use are tailored specifically to your project and are supported by our standard warranty.

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Set Your Sights on Our Portfolio

From outside art installations to set decoration for Hollywood movies, Nu World Distribution’s work has been seen inside, outside and around the world. Get an idea as to what’s possible with our lighting solutions by looking at our portfolio of past projects. There are examples showing off Nu World’s LED Light Panel and LED Flex Strip products in several creative ways.

View our portfolio to see samples of our finished work.

Our Work

Want to talk? Contact Nu World and we’ll be happy to discuss in more detail about any of these projects, their development and the benefits that they have had for their owners.

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